Many Montreal Canadiens fans are still pretty salty about the P.K. Subban trade. Earlier this summer, the fan favourite was shipped to the Nashville Predators in a stunning, blockbuster move. Initial reaction to the trade was pretty negative. The team had lost a young Norris winner, and received Shea Weber, an older superstar on the decline. One of these detractors took his anger out today, with a spread in the Montreal Gazette. Dr. CK, as he has made himself known, paid an estimated $20,000 to voice his frustration. You can read the entirety of the letter below, via a CTV screengrab.

Image via CTV

The letter sends out some very harsh words to Canadiens management, including GM Marc Bergevin and coach, Michel Therrien. Meanwhile, CK showers Subban with praises, especially for his off-ice achievements, such as donating millions of dollars to Montreal Children's Hospital. Regardless of the validty of the message, it will surely shake things up on the ice for the Habs. The team, and its new defenceman, Shea Weber, are in the midst of their new season. This is yet another reminder, that the organization doesn't have a strong vote of confidence from its followers.