Everton player/Ecuadorian soccer star Enner Valencia came back to his home country this week in order to play a 2018 World Cup qualifier against Chile. Complicating this homecoming was the fact that, at a Thursday morning practice, some police as well as a lawyer for the mother of his child tried to arrest him in order to get him to pay $17,000 in child support that he allegedly owes. But somehow, Valencia avoided the initial arrest attempt after some of the cops that were present declined to take him into custody.

Later in the day, police also stopped his team bus as it tried to enter the stadium for the match against Chile but, for whatever reason, they again left without arresting him.

So third time's the charm, right? Surely, the cops wouldn't miss out on the chance to arrest him again after the match. You probably see where this is going...

Valencia ended up starting for Ecuador and, after his team took a 3-0 lead, he went down in the game's 82nd minute with "altitude sickness." But reports indicate that Valencia wasn't actually suffering at all. Instead, it seems he faked an injury so that he could be removed from the stadium in an ambulance and avoid police again. A fan snagged footage of the scene and shared it so that the world could watch police trying to chase Valencia down as he was removed from the stadium in a golf cart:

Oh, and after all that, the judge in Valencia's child support case rescinded the arrest warrant that was out for him. So for now at least, he won't have to worry about making any more escapes.