New York Giants and NFL fans may have loved Odell Beckham Jr.'s kicking net antics during Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens, but teammate Eli Manning wasn't amused. In an interview with WFAN 660, Manning admitted, “You can get real sick of it if he goes out there and is not making plays." Eli's comment comes after Giants head coach Bob McAdoo provided his own criticisms of OBJ earlier today. "Can't have it. He knows it," McAdoo told reporters. "We need to keep the focus on the ball game." 

Now, McAdoo is new to this whole head coaching thing, but he should've used the conventional "keeping it in-house" phrase, instead of consistently airing out his grievances to the media. In late September, McAdoo told reporters, "[Beckham] needs to control himself better and be less of a distraction to his teammates." Meanwhile, speaking of making plays, Eli shouldn't be too critical of Beckham, considering the quarterback already has six interceptions and five fumbles in just six games. 

Since criticism of Beckham reached a fever pitch, he has responded by letting his play do the talking, as on Sunday when he caught eight passes for 222 yards with two touchdowns. Oh, and did we mention he scored on what turned out to be the game-winning touchdown after turning a simple slant route on 4th-and-1 into a 66-yard scamper to the endzone? 

Just let Beckham be Beckham. 

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