Dwyane Wade and the Bulls Were Hilarious on 'Late Night Snack With Henry'

The Bulls sure are easy to like.

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The Chicago Bulls have a tough road ahead of them in the Eastern Conference. With the Cavaliers, Celtics, and Raptors as everyone's preseason picks for seeds 1-3 in the East—not to mention other formidable contenders like the Hawks and Wizards out there—it's unlikely Chicago will contend for a title this year.

If you were looking for a reason to root for Dwyane Wade and company to beat the odds, though, now you have it: it turns out they're undeniably likable. The Bulls were hilarious on a show the team's media arm created. On Late Night Snack with Henry, the athletes were interviewed by a young boy named Henry. The youngster asked questions as he and the players enjoyed snack time.

Wade (who we now know loves applesauce), Rajon Rondo, and Robin Lopez are among the Chicago players who made an appearance. Doug McDermott shows up and accidentally eats the wax on a piece of candy. Check out the full video below.

Naturally, fans loved it.

WARNING: Cuteness Overload! Introducing Late Night Snack with Henry.

P.S. We see you @DwyaneWade taking all those applesauce packets... pic.twitter.com/4yRU3HWOND
Pretty sure I just fell in love with every @chicagobulls player... https://t.co/gBFfvmfbKD
@chicagobulls hahaha okay that was really funny, especially when Dougie ate the wax. 😂
@chicagobulls @DwyaneWade 😂😂😂 i seriously cant even handle this little dude right now! Future heartbreaker right there
@chicagobulls @osoblanco_ @DwyaneWade I throughly enjoyed this. Thanks for blessing the timeline

Credit to the Bulls' communications team for creating Enjoyable And Original Content™.

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