The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Sacramento Kings on Thursday, 102-94, on the heels of a second straight 30-point performance out of Kawhi Leonard. In typical Leonard fashion, the two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year did more than just drop points, he also grabbed three boards, dished out five assists, and picked up five steals. Considering Kawhi didn't get his second 30-point game until the 56th game last season, it appears that the 25-year-old has taken his offensive game to the next level. 

After last night's game, Kings star center DeMarcus Cousins couldn't help but rave about Kawhi. "That dude is good, man. He's good. He's really good," Cousins told reporters. "He was hitting shots over two guys. I mean, I heard he was working with Kobe, and there were some flashes of Kobe." 

Back in February, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich approached Kobe Bryant about working with Leonard during the offseason. "After the game we talked about Kawhi a little bit. [Popovich] wanted me to stay in his ear a little bit and talk to him a little bit. I definitely, definitely, definitely will," Bryant said, according to CBS Sports. "I think he has a tremendous amount of potential and he's only going to get better. So if I can help him out in that regard, I most certainly will."

Somewhere, Bryant is looking at Leonard's progress, picking up the phone to call Pop to tell him...


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