For those of us who have day jobs, we mostly avoid profanity that may be offensive to others in the workplace. But for DeMarcus Cousins at his day job playing for the Sacramento Kings, no such rules apply. Cousins is, to put it mildly, blatantly honest about who he is and how he communicates. 

When speaking with the media on Monday about his new teammate, veteran point guard Ty Lawson, Cousins gave a brief yet unfiltered analysis to reporters about his newfound experience playing on the same squad. 

Reporter: What's it been like playing with Ty? I remember you guys have gone through some different point guard situations. How has be been different from what you've had?

Cousins: He's been great. Motherfu**er's quick as s**t.

Immediately after his response, "Boogie" had a shocked look on his face and realized he was a little too comfortable letting the curse words fly. Then another reporter laughingly asked, "Would you like to rephrase that for us?" Cousins replied, "I thought I was the only one in the conversation. Sorry about that. He's extremely quick."

At least Cousins apologized  for the foul language this time, unlike last year's NBA preseason when he cursed out a referee at the Kings training camp. Let's see if Cousins can keep the streak going by apologizing to the refs or whoever else he ends up cursing out during the upcoming season.


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