David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox is having one hell of a retirement season. The slugger is leading the team in home runs (37), RBIs (124), and OBP (.401), is batting .316 and the Sox are favorites to make it out of the AL. Ortiz is 40 years old with plenty of time to figure out what his post-playing career is going to look like. For now, though, he has another World Series win in sight.

His story is one of persistence. The kind of persistence one needs to find their way out of a huge corn maze. He started out bouncing in and out of the majors with the Seattle Mariners and the Minnesota Twins during the late '90s until he signed as a free agent with the Red Sox in 2002. The rest—as they say—is history. He has three rings and was instrumental in Boston's historic comeback against the Yankees in 2004 which led to the team's first World Series win in 86 years effectively ending the Curse of the Bambino.

Beating a maze built by the world's top maze creator Adrian Fisher in association with the Boston-based sports merchandise company '47 was an accomplishment but Speedy's main opponents were his allergies and the will to go on; he persevered, though. Being a city slicker from the mean streets of Lefrak City, Queens, he fought the elements and inner demons and learned some lessons along the way. Check the video above as he embarks on a path to enlightenment and be sure to tune into tonight's ALDS matchup between the Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians. Also be sure to cop the special edition merch '47 cooked up for Big Papi.

Big Papi '47
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