Dallas Mavericks center Andrew Bogut, a native of Australia, tuned into Sunday night's U.S. Presidential Debate. Bogut, like most other viewers, got a good laugh from some moments of the debate, and he tweeted an excellent string of analyses.

Of course, Bogut was referring to the candidates avoiding questions, or being asked about a subject and answering with something totally irrelevant—a frequent occurrence so far in the debate. He was most likely alluding specifically to Donald Trump repeatedly shifting the conversation back to Hillary Clinton's emails regardless of the actual topic at hand.

Yes, Bogut is having a good time.

Bogut, who played for Golden State the past four seasons, shot back at a hater, too.

Bogut also jokingly tweeted that perhaps both candidates should be taken to a dumpster.

If you haven't tuned into the debate so far, you've missed some serious friction between the candidates. As expected, it's been an intense battle.

Bogut, 31, is expected to start at center for the Mavericks, accompanied by Dirk Nowitzki in the frontcourt. 

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