If you had to choose between checking out an NFL game on TV, or attending the Saint Pablo Tour, which one are you going with? Probably nine out of 10 people would prefer watching Kanye West live, no? Well, meet that one, rare person, who would rather stay at home. He is Dallas Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott. 

When Prescott got home following an early 5:30 p.m. dinner on September 22, he saw that some tickets to the Saint Pablo Tour later that night at the American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas were sent to him from one of the companies that he endorses. Dak played out how the rest of the night would unfold before deciding to just flip through the Thursday night game between the New England Patriots and Houston Texans, and Clemson versus Georgia Tech. 

Per Sports Illustrated:

Prescott did the math aloud: Kanye will go on after 9. The show will last a few hours, which means getting home after midnight. The decision was clear. He ­offered the tickets to his childhood friend, Cobi Griffin, who declined. So Dak kicked back in a recliner, Cobi sprawled on the couch and the two spent the night flipping between a Texans–Patriots game and Clemson–Georgia Tech. “I wanted to go a little bit,” Prescott said of the concert. “But I just think about the perception of it all. And I love my sleep.”

In addition to loving his sleep, Dak also likes to get an early start to his day, waking up at 6 a.m., and getting into the hot tub at the Cowboys' practice facility by 6:15 a.m. It's this type of dedication that has resulted in Dallas's NFC East-leading 4-1 record this season. Prescott's teammate Cole Beasley praised his work ethic, telling Sports Illustrated, “It’s like he’s not even a rookie. It’s like he’s a five-year vet.” Prescott's strong start has also put the Cowboys in the enviable position of deciding between their rookie quarterback, and Tony Romo when he's able to return. 

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