Tony Romo has been on the sidelines with a back injury since the Cowboys faced the Seahawks in the preseason, and was ruled out for six to 10 weeks for a possible return. But the team's rookie second-string quarterback Dak Prescott hasn't been too shabby in Romo's absence. Prescott has led them to a 5-1 record, boasting a 101.5 QB rating, has only one fumble, and a four-game win streak with a W against the Packers (30-16) on Sunday to remain atop the NFC East division.

Prescott impressively broke Tom Brady's completion record of having the most without an interception to start an NFL career, which previously stood at 162.  You will see in the clip above that Prescott set the new record during the first quarter of the game on a pass caught by Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams on a 15-yard gain. Prescott extended the new record by 13 completions, before throwing a deep bomb on his 177th passing attempt that was picked off by Packers safety Morgan Burnett in the third quarter.

But as the old saying goes about the NFL, its acronym also means "Not For Long." And if you know the Cowboys well, then you know how gung-ho Jerry Jones is about having his golden boy Romo back in the starting quarterback role. It might not even matter that Prescott has the hot hand right now for his team, basically being an IRL Willie Beamon from Any Given Sunday (sans the rap video hopefully). And since Jerry Jones refuses to "circumcise the mosquito" in regards to making Romo work for his spot back, Prescott would still likely be benched upon Romo's anticipated return to play against the Eagles on Oct. 30 at AT&T Stadium.

Is this fair to the Cowboys Nation to make Romo a starter again with his stellar career stats, despite being injury-prone,and not following up on his promises to get the team over the playoff hump towards the Lombardi Trophy in his 12 years in Dallas? Or should they give this young blood Prescott the shot that some believe he deserves? At least, Steelers legendary quarterback and NFL on Fox's Terry Bradshaw believes so.

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