It's an enjoyable new NBA tradition: at the end of training camp, in a hilarious twist on rookie hazing, some teams have their first-year players perform in a talent show to entertain their fans. The Warriors hosted a particularly memorable such show in 2014.

The Lakers took part in the fun this year. Even though he was the highly touted No. 2 overall pick in this year's NBA Draft, Brandon Ingram was not immune to the hazing. Ingram had fun with the challenge, though, donning a dog onesie and belting out Rihanna's "Diamonds."



"Aye, if y'all know the song, sing it with me," he told the crowd.

With his teammates sitting in the background and fans cheering, laughing, and clapping along, Ingram's performance was a delight. Ingram gets particularly into it at the 1:00 mark, when the song reaches its chorus.

Fellow rookie Zach Auguste, from Notre Dame, also put on a great performance, choosing to sing a fan favorite.



Lakers fans have high hopes for their young core, most of which are centered on Ingram, the versatile, lanky forward from Duke. Whether he'll fulfill those hopes on the court remains to be seen, but his personality already seems to be a good fit.

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