On Saturday night, No. 16 Arkansas lost to No. 1 Alabama. The final score was 49-30. Afterward, a drunken man reportedly began to hurl expletives at the Razorbacks' head coach Bret Bielema, saying, "If I had your record, I’d be fucking fired. Fuck you." He also said he was a teacher, and argued with police.

As it turns out, the teacher thing is true. The man has since been identified as Lawton Nalley, an associate professor with the university's agricultural department. Technically Nalley was arrested for "public intoxication and disorderly conduct," but one could probably assume that the cops wouldn't have noticed/confronted him had he not loudly voiced his displeasure with the Bielema. Shortly after his uncensored verbal tirade this picture of Nalley being led away in handcuffs by cops was posted by Trent Shadid, Arkansas's football reporter for SECCountry:

Also this picture of Nalley's mugshot was provided by reporter Hilary Hunt/probably some police department:

On the year Arkansas is 4-2. And, over the course of his three-and-a-half year career in Fayetteville, Bielema is 22-22. How a win-loss record translates to teaching, well, we haven't the slightest clue. But we're guessing it makes a lot more sense if you're really really drunk.

As for Nalley, let's just say it could be an awkward Monday for him.