Prior to Sunday's New York Jets-Pittsburgh Steelers game, Antonio Brown was spotted wearing cleats that paid tribute to the late Muhammad Ali. 

Earlier this season, in Week 3, Brown was asked to remove baby blue cleats featuring his children's faces and, according to Frank Schwab of Yahoo Sports, the NFL was prepped to toss Brown from the game if he did not comply:

However this week (which, for those who've lost track, would be Week 5) Brown appears had appeared to have found a loophole to expressing his personality via his footwear by making sure that his shoes are black and yellow to match the Steelers' team colors:

Well, as it turns out, not exactly.

According to the CBS broadcast of this afternoon's game, Brown was asked to remove the Ali tributes for standard Nikes after the team's first two offensive series. Later on in the day Brown scored a touchdown, which led to this stat thanks to the quick minds in CBS's production crew:

Brown has been fined close to $50,000 so far this year for four offenses, including an expensive second-and-a-half celebration last week where he was ordered to pay $24,000-plus for twerking after he scored a TD.

Additionally, also last week, Brown wore black and yellow cleats that paid tribute to late golfing legend Arnold Palmer, which would seem not that different from today's gesture:

It is not known if he was forced to remove those. But any uniform related bug up the butt(s) of NFL front office types always seems like it's worth sharing.

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