Well, hopefully you didn't waste your time updating your resume and applying because it appears that it was all just part of a marketing stunt for Red Bull. In a new four-and-a-half minute spot for the energy drink staple, Davis gets a "Tony Bot" to be his robotic doppelganger, and then it ends up starting a dance craze:

Sorry to get your hopes up.

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New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis is looking for a personal assistant, so what better way for one of the most famous current NBA players to find that person than putting up an ad on Craigslist, right? Apparently this isn't a joke, because his Facebook account posted a link to the ad. 

So, Davis "can focus on getting ready for the season," his personal assistant will be expected to take on dry cleaning runs, among other tasks. Now, before you immediately apply—that is, if you're still here—there is one important thing you should know. Davis also wants his assistant to "preferably" be a good dresser, and 6-foot-5 or taller. The NBA star would also like his personal assistant would also have "some ball skills." However, that isn't required. What could really separate you from the pack is, believe it or not, a unibrow, or "heavy eyebrows," which the ad deems as a plus.

Given Davis's long history with battling injuries, there could be additional expectations for his personal assistant that are not mentioned in the Craigslist ad. As of right now, Davis is currently dealing with a right ankle sprain, which will keep him sidelined for "anywhere from 10-14 days." As The Brow tries to recover, and most likely, stay off his feet, his personal assistant will probably need to do a lot more than just dry cleaning.   

Maybe this is elaborate prank by Davis. But hey, it doesn't hurt to just apply. What's the worst that could happen? Actually, don't answer that question! 

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