To this point, the Kings have rebuffed all trade offers for Boogie, but with two years left on his deal, it’s time for the team to figure out what they’re doing. It has been years since the Kings have been competitive and if they ever did decide to trade Cousins, they would be hard pressed to find a better option than Klay Thompson. 

Klay is one of the best shooters in the world and a very good defender on the perimeter. Even better, Klay is under contract longer than Boogie, which would give the Kings even more incentive to make the deal. Why would the Warriors do such a thing? Why break up the dynamic Splash Brothers with both of them just entering their prime? The answer is sort of simple: Kevin Durant is Steph Curry’s new Splash Brother whether Klay got the memo or not. Durant is at worst a top-three player in the league and may actually be the best player on the already-stacked Warriors. 

When you look at their roster, you can’t tell me that Warriors GM Bob Myers wouldn’t at least consider thinking about how much more balanced they would be if they had Boogie—an elite big man—instead of Klay, whose skill set is sort of redundant with Durant in town. With Boogie on board, the Warriors could run a lineup of Steph, Andre Iguodala, Durant, Draymond Green, and Boogie Cousins. That’s insane to think about. They would still be unguardable and would have the elite inside presence that they’re currently lacking. This is not going to happen, but if the Warriors were scared, they'd somehow be able to make their team even more dangerous. —ZF