If you’re new to this and think you’re about to embark on an easy, effective, long-term money making strategy then wow are you in for a rude awakening.

You can watch more ESPN than Lil Wayne and cram for a playoff game like it’s a midterm, but good luck predicting a crippling LeBron James missed layup or a phantom penalty that deads a game-winning drive you desperately need to cover the spread. Yes, there are professional gamblers who create massive power rankings and have complicated algorithms to allow them to (for the most part) beat the books in Vegas, but if you’re an amateur you’re probably going to lose more than you win. So until you get some valuable experience under your belt, know your limits, don’t exceed them, and always pay you debts. Because the last thing you need is some brute knocking on your door and invading your personal space.

Also be careful placing action with a family member or friend because a few too many wins or a few too many late payments will cause resentment real quick.