The novelty has pretty much definitely worn off when it comes to getting engaged at major sporting events. At this point, there have been hundreds of couples who have done it, so proposing in the middle of a baseball, basketball, or football game is not necessarily the most original way to get engaged. However, there apparently are still ways to make the moment memorable. One of those ways? Lose the engagement ring midway through your proposal, set off a panic in your section, and then eventually find the ring and receive a standing ovation from the crowd.


That’s what happened to Yankees fans Andrew Fox and Heather Terwilliger on Tuesday night. Fox decided that he was going to propose to his girlfriend in the middle of the 5th inning during a Red Sox/Yankees game. But when he went to get down on one knee, he discovered that he had dropped the ring somewhere in the crowd. So as a camera captured the moment and broadcast it on the video board in center field at Yankee Stadium, Fox and a bunch of other people in his section searched frantically for the ring. The search continued for five looooooong minutes before Terwilliger finally realized the ring had fallen into the cuff of her pants. She pulled it out, and all 35,161 people at the game cheered as Fox was finally able to drop down on one knee and ask Terwilliger to marry him. And even after all of that, she said yes.

After the game ended, Fox and Terwilliger did an interview with the Yankees and explained what happened during the botched proposal:

Thankfully, this story had a happy ending, but it should serve as a warning to other couples out there. No more getting engaged at games!