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A few hours before The Late Late Show with James Corden aired early Tuesday morning, James Corden took to Twitter to reveal that he had "destroyed" Usain Bolt in a race that was going to be featured on the show:

But as it turns out, Corden wasn’t exactly telling the truth. He did race Bolt on the show, and he did bring in members of his Late Late Show staff and even Owen Wilson to compete in the race alongside of him. But, well, let’s just say that Bolt did what Bolt does best once the gun went off. He destroyed Corden, everyone on his staff, and Wilson in the race in predictable fashion and then mocked them for being too slow to keep up. He also struck his celebratory pose at the end of the race just to show that, while he might be done with racing at the Olympics, he’s not done when it comes to crushing those who challenge him.

"Usain Bolt, one!" Bolt said. "James Corden, 100! He ain’t ready."

After the race, Corden admitted that he kind of knew he wasn’t going to beat Bolt (uh, ya think?) but said that he expected more out of himself. "I would have liked to have been in the top 15," he said, "but you know, it wasn’t my day. That’s the life of an athlete. That’s the life of a professional track athlete. Some days it comes and some days it doesn’t."

You can watch the lopsided race in the clip above.