After getting beaten pretty bad at her UFC 200 match against Amanda Nunes this past July, Miesha Tate apparently is using her personal time to go hiking—and to save injured children on mountains.

Tate hiked to the top of the Mary Jane Falls trail in Mount Charleston, Nevada on Monday. She suddenly spotted a random family with a six-year-old daughter, Kai, who had fallen and broken her arm. The former UFC Bantamweight champion went in superhero mode and offered to carried the little girl from the top of the trail for approximately 2.6 miles until they reached the bottom.

The family was so grateful for Tate's good Samaritan deed that the girl's father, Andrew Abalos, wrote this caption in the above picture on his IG account:

"To our rescue and assistance came the amazing @mieshatate the UFC fighter. She offered to help us carry her down the mountain. Such an amazing and humble person to have met. Our family can’t thank you enough for all the help. You saved us easily hours of hiking and helped us get her to the hospital sooner.”

And for a great lesson on good manners to children, the proud father also even posted a heartwarming video of Kai thanking Tate as well, which Tate reposted on her IG account and wrote the caption:

“Meet Kai the sweet little girl that kept me company down the mountain side, very upbeat despite her broken arm. I just have to say this was one of the most rewarding days of my athletic career.”

Kai's mother, Amber, also shared the video on her own IG account with a caption that reads, “There’s no way I would have been able to do it myself." She continued, "I can’t thank you enough for helping us out today! Kai is your newest #1 fan.”