At the UFC 205 press conference in Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, attendees signaled their anticipation of the fight with chants, boos, and roars, while the fighters had some major trash talk aimed at each other. Conor McGregor was the star of the show per usual, with his incendiary commentary attacking his opponent on the main event card, Eddie Alvarez

One of the McGregor fans was handed the mic for the Q&A to speak to Alvarez. "You've been mentioning that Conor McGregor is not a championship fighter—he only has two to three rounds," he began. The crowd roared when the fan continued, "Yet in your professional career you've only went to the fifth round twice, and lost one of them. What the fuck are you talking about, motherfucker?!" He even threw him the middle finger at Alvarez after finishing. McGregor responded with laughs, while pointing at the fan and saying, "I love this guy!"

When the fan repeated the question for Alvarez, McGregor jumped in and yelled at his opponent, "His question is, why are you talking shit?" You can check that in the clip below.

Later in the conference, featherweight fighter Jeremy Stephens took a shot at McGregor as well, saying, "This guy TKOs people. When I knock people out, they don't fucking move." McGregor acted confused, sonning Stephens by asking the crowd, "Who the fuck is this guy?" to a barrage of cheers.  

Nate Diaz, who lost to Conor McGregor at UFC 202 last month, sent three tweets on Tuesday about his disdain for the fact that he's not on the 205 card because he is awaiting a rematch with McGregor. The first included two gun emoticons.

The second tweet was Diaz lambasting the fighters on the 205 card.

And the third was his opinion about the fighters verbally attacking each other, with three gun emoticons. 

If you can't beat 'em, troll 'em.