Newly acquired Kings point guard Ty Lawson is reportedly being targeted by a hacker who broke into his computer, stole information from it, and is now attempting to extort the NBA veteran. Lawson's lawyer Martin Kaufman talked to TMZ Sports over the weekend and revealed that both he and his client are extremely concerned about the hack due to the fact that the alleged cyber criminal behind it took what Kaufman refers to as "very sensitive and private material." Sounds like a headache.

While Kaufman didn't elaborate on what kind of "very sensitive and private material" was stolen—you can probably use your imagination and come up with some good guesses—he did say that he believes the hackers are going around to various media outlets in an effort to shop Lawson's personal info. He also said that the hackers have told Lawson that they plan on releasing the info to the world unless he pays them a substantial amount of money.

Judging by the fact that Lawson has gone public with the alleged extortion attempt, it doesn't sound like he intends on paying a ransom to keep his private info private. Instead, he has gone to the police, and they are currently investigating the situation. There are no leads yet and no one has been implicated in the crime, but if you see any embarrassing Lawson material leak out in the coming days and weeks, now you'll know why. In the meantime, it's unlikely that anyone is going to pay the hacker for material that is obviously stolen.

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