In both the fourth and eighth grades, I got suspended from school for stuff that, as a kid (and frankly, later as an adult), I didn't think was all that big of a deal. My "punishment" was not having to wake up early and get on the school bus, which to me, seemed to incentivize getting into more trouble and wasn't much of a punishment at all. I felt a little like Tom Brady must feel right now.

Technically, Brady is supposed to be miserable at the moment. He's now serving the fourth week of his Deflategate suspension. But despite his absence, the Patriots are 3-0 so far on the season, so Brady appears to be using his suspension as a vacation. And while we're sure the insanely competitive Brady is looking forward to getting back out on the football field soon, he's also learning that life without work can be pretty sweet, especially when you've got a massive bank account that allows you to do whatever the hell you want.

Cut to Brady this past weekend. Unlike me, it's clear he's not serving out his suspension by sitting at home eating microwave pizzas and playing video games. Instead, he's sunbathing nude off the coast of Italy with his supermodel wife Gisele while trying (unsuccessfully!) to avoid the prying eye of the paparazzi. The New York Post captured 11 photos of Brady attempting to erase his tan lines and published the NSFW pictures on Monday night. We can't show them to you, but if you're into that sort of thing and don't mind risking your job for a sneak peek, there's a link below.

It seems kind of weird, in retrospect, that Brady fought for almost two years to stop this suspension vacation from happening. Had he known he was going to be doing this, he probably would have let Roger Goodell get his way months ago.

Brady will return to practice next Monday and make his season debut against the Browns on Oct. 9. It looks like he'll be well rested when he gets back to business.