The game of football, and the media surrounding it, has kept pace with technology and changed a lot over the course of the past few decades. For example, back in your old man’s heyday, he got the local game plus whatever bonus game (note that that’s singular) the networks dictated for him. Now you can stream half a dozen broadcasts as you sit on the toilet. What a time to be alive.

Take advantage of the era in which you live. There are a number of programs you can download right now to enhance your football viewing experience, because simply watching your favorite team, and then killing time to learn what happened in the rest of the league from a highlight show or, god forbid, a freaking newspaper, is something more apt for the Neanderthals who roamed the earth back in 1998.

Fortunately you don’t have to suffer like them. Here are The Most Indispensable Apps for Football Season.