When it comes to running on no sleep, no one does it better than Steve Aoki. The esteemed DJ has been involved in the music game for what seems like forever, founding his own label, Dim Mark Records, back in 1996. Fast forward 20 years later, the Miami-born DJ/producer is still going hard, throwing parties in a different city every other week and, recently, dropping his appropriately-titled documentary "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead." In the film we get a glimpse of just how hard the multi-talented musician works, as well as what drove him to create the empire that he has today. 

When he's not DJing, producing albums, or throwing cakes in people's faces, Aoki is hard at work in the gym and staying on his path of sobriety. For the few hours he had available, we caught up with Steve for our latest episode of Get Sweaty, taking him to Brick New York for a super intense cross fit session while we talked about his upcoming album, what his newfound sober life is like, and what he hopes his legacy will be. Check out the video above for the full interview.