University of Nebraska punter Sam Foltz died on July 23 in a Wisconsin car accident, which also killed ex-Michigan State punter Mike Sadler. At the time, the two special teamers were attending a weekend kicking camp. During their season opener against Fresno State on Saturday, the Cornhuskers lined up with just 10 players on the field to honor their late punter. It was during this time that an immediate family member of Foltz was reportedly burglarized.

Sometime during Nebraska's tribute to their ex-player/teammate, burglars allegedly robbed the home of Foltz's brother, Jordan, who was in attendance at the game along with his family.

According to KLKN, the thieves walked away with more than $1,400 worth of stolen goods, including a TV, and some tools from Jordan's jeep. Jordan had left his Greeley, Nebr. residence at around noon on Saturday to attend the contest, and returned at roughly 3 a.m. Sunday morning.

After noticing the missing belongings, he took to his Facebook to post the following message:

These past few weeks have been some of the most hard, tiring, emotional and trying times I've ever ran up against in my thirty years on this earth as I lost a friend a role model and most importantly a brother. And tonight as we celebrated and mourned my brother for all he accomplished in his career as a Person a Nebraskan and a Husker in Lincoln...was back here in our home town breaking into my house and my vehicles probably seeing our family as a easy target as we were all in Lincoln."

We'll update this post as more information becomes available.