During an appearance on ESPN's Mike & Mike on Tuesday morning, former NFL safety and current ESPN analyst Ryan Clark made a statement by wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey:

He did it after sending out a tweet on Monday night about Terence Crutcher—a black man who was shot and killed by a white police officer in Tulsa, Okla. on Friday—and alluding to Kaepernick in it:

Some Mike & Mike viewers took exception to Clark wearing the jersey:

Others supported Clark's decision to wear it:

And Clark himself weighed in and responded to a couple individuals who were critical of him:

Clark also explained his decision to wear the jersey while on Mike & Mike. "I just wanted to show support for someone who I think is finally stepped out of what we want athletes to do," he said. "So many times, you've heard people talk about Michael Jordan never saying anything or this athlete never being a part of anything or never thinking of anything great."

ESPN has not released a statement about Clark's decision to wear a Kaepernick jersey on Mike & Mike at this time.