Every once in awhile, video game developers screw up when they're creating players for new sports games. It's kind of to be expected. After all, there are a lot of players to code into each new release, and unfortunately, accidents and oversights are going to happen. So some players see their names get botched or their positions mixed up, while others are surprised to see how un-lifelike they look when games are released.

Spanish basketball star Rodolfo "Rudy" Fernandez fell victim to all three of those mistakes this week when he fired up NBA 2K17 for the first time. The Real Madrid shooting guard—who spent time playing for the Trail Blazers and Nuggets during stints in the NBA—was able to locate himself in the game. But when he did, he discovered that he had been turned into a black point guard named "Fernandez Rodolfo." As you can see in the photo above, Fernandez is not black. He's also not a point guard (he plays shooting guard and small forward), and his name is not "Fernandez Rodolfo." And while he wasn't all that upset about the mistakes, he did let 2K know about the errors:

In the old days—a.k.a. the early 2000s—Fernandez would have been stuck with his inaccurate attributes, well, forever. There would have been no way for 2K to go in and change what he looks like, what position he plays, or what his name is. But since it's 2016, all Fernandez had to do was say the word and 2K responded by correcting his image, his position, and his name. The mistakes were fixed within just 24 hours:

Score one for technology.