Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio seems like a true magician that we'd like to see more magic tricks from, whether on the field or in media press conferences.

As the No. 8-ranked Spartans were getting blown out by No. 11-ranked Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon 30-6 late in the 4th quarter, Mark Dantonio's facial expression looked visibly disgusted by his team's play as the game clock was about to expire. In the clip above, you'll see freshman player Darrel Stewart walked past his coach, Dantonio's body was completely eclipsed on the TV screen by Stewart's presence, and within a split second viewers couldn't see Dantonio anymore. The person on the sidelines who was standing behind Dantonio was the only person that viewers had spotted in the same exact place Dantonio had been standing just a split second beforehand. 

That freaked out everyone on Twitter wondering if Dantonio was the second coming of Harry Houdini,  or Raiden from Mortal Kombat, suddenly vanishing and ending up behind someone else. Whatever the reason for this was, this optical illusion looks cool AF. To some people who saw this, it completely scared the crap out of them.  And since this is Twitter, people had to make their own personal memes out of this clip.

Here are some Twitter reactions to seeing Dantonio disappear like he was a Tupac or Eazy-E hologram on the Spartans' sidelines.

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