The judge in Derrick Rose’s rape case said he was "extremely displeased" with Rose and his legal team during an oral ruling Tuesday. Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald threatened sanctions against Rose for victim-blaming his accuser.

"If Defendant Rose continues to utilize language that shames and blames the victims of rape either in his motion practice or before the jury, the Court will consider sanctions," Fitzgerald said.

The judge had likely taken note of TMZ pushing Rose’s agenda, publishing headlines like "Derrick Rose 'Rape' Lawsuit is...Just a Money Grab" and "Derrick Rose Rape Accuser Filed Police Report...2 Years After Incident."

Rose also said the accuser "is not a minor who is a true victim of rape or assault." The judge called this statement "as unpersuasive as it is distasteful."

The woman accusing Rose and two of his friends of rape has so far only been referred to as Jane Doe. Fitzgerald ruled that she must use her real name if the case goes to trial Oct. 4.

The judge ruled the "plaintiff’s use of a pseudonym at trial would unduly prejudice Defendant Rose, and "further, the public’s interest in disclosure is increased at trial."

Shortly after the judge issued his oral ruling, Rose’s attorney, Mark Baute, used the woman’s name twice. The judge threatened him with a $1,000 fine. Baute said it was an accident.

The parties may still settle outside of court. You can read Fitzgerald’s full ruling here. The woman’s attorney, Brandon J. Anand, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.