Longtime Toronto Blue Jay, Jose Bautista, certainly knows how to celebrate a home run. During the MLB playoffs last October, the slugger caused a stir with his now-iconic bat throw. The move was highly criticized by traditionalists, replicated in video games, and even immortalized in a corn maze. A year later, the moment has entered into the pantheon of amazing celebrations in sport.

Now, it appears Joey Bats is keeping up the trend. During yesterday's 2-1 loss to the Mariners, Bautista gave us a sequel to the infamous bat throw. At the top of the ninth inning, the player connected on a fast ball from Seattle pitcher, Edwin Diaz. Bautista ripped a baseball down the line, and tied up the game. The best part about the smash, was of course, Jose's trotting celebration. To fully appreciate the move, watch it play out via MLB and Sportsnet's official Twitter accounts.

Never change, Jose, never change. The Toronto Blue Jays' next game is tomorrow, when they take on the New York Yankees. Hopefully, we'll see more magic from the slugger.