It didn't take long for Johnny Manziel to reacquaint himself with the college student lifestyle. Earlier this month, Manziel re-enrolled at Texas A&M to get his degree in recreation, parks, and tourism sciences. "I'm trying to get back to my roots," Manziel told TMZ Sports, discussing his decision to return to college. "I need to get my degree like I told my parents I would." Cue the collective "Aww." 

Now, cue the collective "Here we go again!" TMZ Sports obtained footage of Manziel taking sips of what is believed to be alcohol with a drink in each hand Tuesday night at the Rooftop on 6th in Austin, Texas. Taking classes on back-to-back days after being out of the collegiate game for a couple years warrants the need to blow off some stream, right? The establishment where the clip was taken was just one of "several other bars in the area" Johnny Football visited that night, per TMZ Sports

Back on July 1, Manziel set a date to be "completely sober" in an effort to make a comeback in the NFL. However, when no team took a chance on him, the 23-year-old returned to his old habits, and has been spotted drinking on more than one occasion. With his goal of returning to the NFL on the back burner, Manziel clearly isn't concerned anymore about being seen repeatedly falling off the wagon. 

Manziel is back in college, and acting reckless. It feels like 2013 all over again

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