As one of the most successful managers in the modern game, Jose Mourinho has made a habit of accepting every challenge that comes his way and inevitably conquering them.

Having already won domestic league titles in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain – plus two UEFA Champions League trophies – the Special One took his place on the Manchester United throne this summer for another assualt on the Premier League and, inevitably, the European Cup, too.

However, before taking the reins at Old Trafford this summer, Jose was asked to make his acting debut for Heineken's new TV spot in aid of their Champions League campaign. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the film sees Mourinho delivering a 'Prep Talk' to fans ahead of the new season. It's a wildly different setting from Mourinho's post-match interview comfort zone, but he didn't shirk at the challenge.

Ahead of the new Champions League season, we sat down with Jose Mourinho in Manchester to talk about the psychology of team talks, the key to inspiration and how it feels to be the star of yet another show.