Cam Newton may not have as many haters much of the media tends to suggest. But his fashion sense is increasingly giving his haters more comedic fodder than they can ask for. The 2015 NFL MVP claimed in June that his dabbing days are now dead, yet Newton seems to continually attempt to resurrect old styles that are about 80 years removed from today's fashion.

After the Panthers beat the 49ers with a final score of 49-27 in Charlotte, Newton spoke at the post-game media conference, and wore a suit and hat that looks like he heard about a casting call of actors for a new season of Boardwalk Empire, or was inspired before today's game after watching The Color Purple.

Twitter looks at Newton's hat as the gift that keeps on giving for more laughs. This isn't the first time that he's been clowned by the internet for his choice of hats worn in public. Remember when Cam sported that Vivienne Westwood-designed hat that Pharrell tried to make cool? Cam putting that same hat on looking like he was emulating the Arby's fast food restaurant logo. 

Well, here's what people had to say on Twitter about that hat he rocked after the game today that would make Fred Astaire want to do a dance duet with him, if he was still alive.

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