Despite what Derrick Rose might lead you to believe, the Knicks do not have a team that’s good enough to compete for an NBA championship this season. In reality, they probably don’t even have a team that’s good enough to compete for one of the top spots in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. But according to lifelong Knicks fan Fat Joe, Carmelo Anthony is hopeful—maybe more hopeful than he’s ever been—about the team the Knicks have assembled for the 2016-17 NBA season, and he’s excited to see what the team can do.

Fat Joe appeared on ESPN First Take on Thursday morning, and after dropping a quick freestyle prior to his appearance, he joined Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Molly Qerim to talk about the success of his hit single, "All the Way Up," Tim Tebow signing with the Mets, and, of course, his beloved Knicks. And while talking about the Knicks, Joe revealed that Carmelo called him during the Rio Olympics and gave him some encouraging news about the team. Unfortunately, SAS—who is also a diehard Knicks fan—cut Joe off before he could reveal everything Carmelo said during the call. But it still sounds like good news for all the Knicks fans out there.

"I’m gonna make breaking news now," Joe said. "In all the years I know Carmelo Anthony since he’s been in high school—and I hope he doesn’t beat me up—I’ve never once received a phone call. I got a phone call from Carmelo Anthony and he said, 'If there’s any year ever in your life to be a New York Knick fan, it’s this one. And go hard.' And I said, 'Melo, what are you saying?' He called me from Brazil [during the Rio Olympics]. He said, 'I promise you, this is going to be an incredible year for the Knicks.'"

Before Knicks fans get too excited, Joe did go on to say that there’s just about no chance the team will actually contend for a title. He also suggested that, at some point during the upcoming season, the Cavaliers might try and poach Carmelo from the Knicks. But if nothing else, Carmelo's phone call with Joe proves that he's encouraged by what the Knicks are bringing to the table this season, which is a welcomed change for many Knicks fans.

You can listen to Joe talk about his phone conversation with Carmelo at about the 5:45 mark of the video above.