Never underestimate the power of a strong bromance. 

After playing four years for the Miami Heat, working out, vacationing, and riding a banana boat together, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James probably know more about each other than they know about themselves. "If we played The Newlywed Game," Wade's wife Gabrielle Union told ESPN. "I don't know if I'd have more information on my husband than Bron would." It's a claim D-Wade didn't deny, adding, "Me and Bron would know waaay more. Obviously."

In an interview with Food & Wine, Wade revealed one instance where LeBron knows waaay more about him than his wife: ordering food. "LeBron is one of my best friends. When we eat out he's like, 'You should try this,' and he knows exactly what to order for me," D-Wade said. "This might get me in trouble, but I would have LeBron order for me before I would let my wife. She'd get me nine different things to be sure there's something I like. LeBron just knows." 

Wait, wait. Is Gabrielle really ordering nine things off the menu just to be sure she gets something that Wade likes? In that aforementioned ESPN feature, D-Wade highlighted one moment where a bewildered Union watched as James took control of the food ordering duties.     

Two years ago, at just such a dinner in New Orleans, Union could only watch, deeply confused, as James unilaterally picked seabass for a man who'd expressed a lifelong distaste for fish. "It's what I wanted," her husband would later explain, shrugging. "Bron got me on seabass."

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