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Dez Bryant injured his right knee during a game against the Bears on Sunday night and was supposed to have an MRI done on it on Monday. But Bryant failed to show up for his scheduled MRI, which led to a lot of speculation surrounding the severity of his injury. He did eventually have the MRI done and learned that he had a hairline fracture in his knee that could sideline him for a few weeks, but it definitely made for a weird week in Dallas. Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett later revealed that Bryant skipped the MRI and at least two subsequent team meetings because he was fearful of how bad his knee injury might be.

This is the type of thing that wouldn't have been debated about on a TV talk show a decade ago. Newspaper reporters would have written about it at length, but it wouldn't have been a topic on a debate show. But we live in a new era—one where you can't flip through four channels without watching a couple blowhards arguing intensely about, well, everything—so on Wednesday night and then again on Thursday morning, Fox Sports 1 analyst Skip Bayless sent out tweets about how the Bryant MRI situation would be addressed on Undisputed:

If you're thinking, "That sounds like a weird thing to debate," you're not alone. Bryant himself took to Twitter on Thursday morning to call Skip out for using him as a debate topic and to tell him that, if he wants to know why he "went AWOL," he should simply do some reporting and call Bryant to find out the answer:

Bryant also LOLed at a joke that someone made about Skip's greatly exaggerated high school basketball career a short time later:

Eventually, Skip got wind of this and decided to dead the topic try and capitalize off it by inviting Bryant to appear on the show: 

@DezBryant You're welcome to come join our show to discuss. Follow @undisputed and the show will DM contact info for you to call in.

— Skip Bayless (@RealSkipBayless) September 29, 2016

He even made Bryant the one and only person he follows on Twitter just to try and get a DM from him.

As of now, it doesn't sound like Bryant has responded to Skip. And since Skip went ahead and used Bryant as a debate topic despite getting called out, we wouldn't expect Bryant to send him a DM anytime soon. You can watch the debate Skip and his Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe had on Undisputed below.