Return man Devin Hester, 33, will try to squeeze at least one more season out of the NFL as he will sign a one-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Both ESPN's Adam Schefter and NFL Network's Ian Rapoport tweeted out the news, though the deal's dollar amount doesn't appear to be public knowledge just yet.

Hester played with the Atlanta Falcons last season, but he missed a good chunk of the year due to turf toe. In five games he had 8 punt returns for a 4.3 average, and 9 kick returns for a 26.1 average. He underwent surgery this past January to repair the broken big toe in his right foot, and Atlanta cut him in July.

After he was released by the organization he claimed that seven teams immediately sought him out, but he also said at the time that he was still rehabbing and was unable to practice. The timetable for recovering from the surgery is up to six months.

Hester has played in the league since 2006—most notably with the Chicago Bears (2006-13)—and is the NFL's all-time leader in return touchdowns numbering 20, and punt return touchdowns numbering 14.