There are a lot of parallels between C.J. McCollum and Stephen Curry. Both were absolutely tiny in high school, didn’t receive a ton of high-level recruiting attention, and ended up as sensations at small Division I programs (McCollum at Lehigh, Curry at Davidson). Both are prolific scorers playing on good young teams in the West and are paired with a fellow backcourt star.

There is one big difference, of course: Curry is the reigning back-to-back MVP, and McCollum still hasn’t made his first All-Star Game.

Nonetheless, McCollum isn’t intimidated by Curry. Today he was asked on Twitter if the 28-year-old Warriors’ guard could guard him, and he didn’t leave much room for interpretation.

McCollum didn’t say he’s better than Curry. He just said Curry can’t guard him.

There is evidence that McCollum has at times cooked Curry in the past:

Despite that, McCollum has never outscored Curry in their 10 head-to-head matchups, per Basketball Reference. Golden State is 9-1 in those games.

McCollum's statement shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Curry has a reputation in NBA circles as being a subpar defender. He’s no James Harden, but his defense is certainly masked by having Klay Thompson with him in the backcourt.

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