Cam Newton is capable of more than just being a TV host, water polo player, and his regular job as an NFL quarterback throwing bombs down the field and scrambling in the pocket. The NFL's reigning MVP is now getting ready to pitch food from his very own food truck outside of the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina for this season.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the food truck is called "Smok'n Aces," a nod to his new self-made nickname "Ace Boogie." The painted image on the truck in the Instagram pic above was created by renowned California artist Mark Paul Deren. It has Newton posing with his signature "Superman" gesture on the side of the truck.

Another angle from which to view the truck is below.


Funn projekt with this d👀d @cameron1newton : @smoknaces

A photo posted by MARK PAUL DEREN (@madsteez) on Aug 29, 2016 at 7:04pm PDT

Newton, who is a pescatarian but will serve chicken as well as fish on Smok'n Aces, spoke in an exclusive interview with WCCB-TV's Morgan Fogarty about what his food truck has to offer on the menu. 

The truck will be available to the public beginning on September 18, the date of the Panthers' first home game of the season. Panthers fans and local Charlotte residents yearning for a chance to be around Cam—and a bite to eat— can find the truck parked outside of the Panthers' stadium in the Goodyear Arts lot by the Duke Energy Building on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Newton stated to Fogarty that he plans to not just hawk food from the truck, but also to eat it with his customers. Why? “I wanted to be closer to the people,’’ he explained. Newton also stated that the money the proceeds from the truck's food sales will go towards a program for at-risk individuals in Charlotte.