Ayesha Curry seems to have the similar skills from behind the arc like her husband Steph Curry. The couple is currently on an Under Armour promotional tour in China, and they took some time to play an outdoor pickup game with some locals in the city of Guangzhou.

During the game, Ayesha let everyone on the ourt know that she actually has respectable range. She easily splashed a three-pointer from the right slot area. Ayesha must have had plenty of practice with Steph in this department.

She posted two video clips and a black-and-white photo of the shot on her IG account Saturday and Sunday, showing two different angles of her in action including the clip above and this one below.

If you need more proof that she isn't some random girl on the court that you should let shoot just to be nice, you can see here how she splashed a three like it was nothing while she was nine months pregnant. If you ever happen to land a seldom opportunity to play against her, you probably should close out and D her up once she gets the rock.

I mean, look at the form of Curry's shot. Her elbow on her shooting arm is in and aligned with the hoop; her feet are squared up to the basket, and didn't launch the shot flat-footed but jumped from her toes. The left hand is out with her shooting hand to guide her shot; the wrist on her shooting hand looks like the shot will have some arc, and it won't be a Kenny Smith-style line-drive on her release.

That's textbook fundamentals on shooting for you right there. Swish, swish!

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