Brand: SmackDown Live
Draft Pick: Round 1, No. 4
Notable Accomplishments: IWGP Heavyweight Champion, TNA World Heavyweight Champion, TNA World Tag Team champion
SummerSlam Result: Pinned John Cena

“WWE has been doing this for awhile, so they know what they’re doing. It’s fun to be a part of something that’s easy to do, to be honest. I’m not confused on how to do something or where to go. It’s very professional; I’m briefed on everything. You put me in the ring, I’ll take care of that. But it’s outside the ring that Superstars may struggle with, and they [the WWE] make it easy.

I thought the draft was going well until my buddies [Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson] went to Raw and I went to SmackDown. Those guys are more than just friends. Those are my brothers. We were in Japan together, and then we came over to the WWE together. I was a little heartbroken. We always had fun together, and now I’m driving by myself. Before, those guys kept me awake by being annoying and making me laugh all the time.

It’s an opportunity for them to do well in the tag division and for me to do well in the heavyweight division. Not having them with me is weird, but I’m really happy for them, because they still have each other.”