Ryan Lochte has had one hell of a day. After Lochte claimed he was robbed at gunpoint, reports quickly surfaced that his claims were fabricated (or at least exaggerated), and now Lochte has reportedly been indicted by Rio police for false reporting of crime. 

That escalated quickly. For the latest on that story, follow along here.

Well, Stephen A. Smith has had enough. Fed up with Lochte's actions, Smith hit him with a quality "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed" soapbox rant.

After Smith's new First Take co-host Max Kellerman seemed to have Lochte's back (he was more upset over U.S. citizens being detained in Rio than anything else), Smith said, "Lochte should be ashamed of himself if indeed he did lie."

"You went to the Olympics to represent your country," the outspoken pundit said. "You're representing your country, you're supposed to be as upstanding as you are. To fabricate a story to cover yourself, it probably ended up being way bigger than you imagined, but you still look like a damn liar, and you have now embarrassed yourself, and that's unfortunate."

The embarrassment must truly be real for Lochte right now. What Smith said about the one lie leading to another seems to be the likeliest scenario, and we're finding out more twists to this story seemingly every hour. Again, make sure you follow here for the latest.

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