Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and their wives kicked it Wednesday at Bosh’s mansion in Malibu, Calif. As you can see in the above video of compiled Snapchats, the former Miami Heat teammates (still weird to say “former,” isn’t it?) had quite a time together.

In the afternoon, they played with Bosh’s drums—“everything Chris has, D wants to have,” Gabrielle Union Wade said—and his guitar, with Wade providing the vocals. Later they reveled in the Bosh family’s luxurious snack buffet (cheese-and-fruit game so strong), compared Bosh and Wade’s matching Ford trucks (“boss life, see that Ford truck life, ooh, two of 'em,” Wade said), and went for a hike to watch the sun set with sangria in hand.

While Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are feuding over Durant’s departure (obviously a different situation), clearly Wade’s decision to join the Bulls has not affected his relationship with Bosh.

This is probably because the Heat didn’t want to give Wade the money he deserved, so who could blame him for leaving, and also because Bosh isn’t too happy with the Miami organization right now either.

Wade and Bosh were teammates in Miami for six seasons, though Bosh missed much of the past two with blood cot problems in his leg. They were both selected in the 2003 NBA Draft (Bosh went No. 4 to Toronto, Wade No. 5 to Miami).

These are silly videos, but it’s good to see their relationship is as strong as ever. Clearly the big three bonded through the turmoil of their much-maligned (before it was cool to hate the Warriors, it was cool to hate the Heat) championship runs together. Where was LeBron, though?

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