Now that he’s no longer playing professional football, Michael Sam has more or less kept his name out of the news. He went off on Donald Trump during an interview with TMZ Sports in July and made some headlines for doing it, but outside of that, he’s been kind of quiet lately. That all changed on Tuesday night when the former Rams player was caught yelling at a guy outside of a nightclub in Hollywood.

As you can see in the clip above, which was obtained by TMZ Sports, Sam was not happy with the guy when he left the club Bootsy Bellows. It’s unclear what set him off, but at one point, Sam started screaming at the man who then started screaming back at him. "People like you give our community a bad fucking name," Sam yelled, before referring to the man as a "trifling ass bitch."

It’s a little bit hard to hear everything that Sam said, but at one point, it sounds like he told the man that he would "lay your ass on the ground" if he touched Sam. The shouting continued for a couple more minutes, but fortunately, cooler heads eventually prevailed and Sam got into the passenger’s seat of a waiting car and drove away without getting physical with the guy. But this obviously could have been a really bad situation.

There is a lot of NSFW language in the clip, but you can check out the entire heated exchange in the video above.