Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant—who is suspended for the entire 2016-17 NFL season after testing positive for marijuana multiple times—doesn’t use Twitter very often. In fact, prior to Monday, he hadn’t sent out a single tweet in almost three months. But he managed to make some waves on the social media site after he found a tweet that First Take sent out back in late July that featured Stephen A. Smith taking a shot at him for working with high school football players during his time away from the field. You can check out that tweet here:

Bryant wasn’t happy with what SAS said about him in the clip, so he fired back at him with these tweets:

SAS, who is never one to back down from a Twitter beef, then responded with these tweets:

And Bryant hit back with these tweets:

Bryant also ended his side of the discussion by retweeting this Photoshopped picture of SAS:

On Tuesday morning’s episode of First Take, SAS took some time at the end of the show to address the situation with Bryant. He responded directly to the Steelers star and explained why he’s been so critical of him in the past.

You can watch SAS respond here:

You can also read what SAS had to say here:

I was a bit surprised [by Bryant's tweets]. Very, very disappointed. But at the same time, I don’t really care. Let me be very, very clear: I have, I will, and I will never stop getting on guys who are costing themselves money and blowing their careers because of drug use. It’s that simple. I’m not talking about guys who are not costing themselves. Like I tell people all the time, I’m cool with Snoop Dogg, and we all know Snoop Dogg will give a new meaning to a green room. You never heard me say a word about him. Why? Because it’s not costing him money.

Martavis Bryant has been suspended for the year. He cost himself, and you could sit up there and say you don’t care about me. Fine. That’s okay. You care about Mike Tomlin? You care about your teammates? You care about those Pittsburgh Steelers fans? All of whom support you. This wasn’t the first time he was suspended; that’s why he’s gone for the year. Because you’re a multiple time offender, and once again, you make mistakes and you’re pointing the finger at somebody else because they’re highlighting the consequences and the ramifications of your actions. Instead of thinking about me coming at you, think about what you need to do to get yourself better.

We were at the Steelers’ camp. Am I lying when I say some people were sitting up there like, 'Why is he in California rehabilitating? Why isn’t he somewhere else? Is that the place you want to go to rehabilitate?' These are questions that people have. And so, I wish him nothing but the best. I am not rooting against Martavis Bryant. I hope to God that he gets his act together and he comes back on the field and he helps the Steelers win a championship. But this is on you, bro. This ain’t on me.

Fortunately, it looks like this Twitter beef might be coming to an end soon. Bryant responded to the comments SAS made on First Take on Tuesday morning a short time after he made them:

And SAS got back at him about what he said:

So that should be the end of it. For now.