Most of the late-night TV talk shows are on a hiatus right now as a result of the Olympics. But Bill Simmons continues to churn out new episodes of Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons on HBO, and on Wednesday night, he invited two special guests, Seth Rogen and Ricky Williams, to the show to discuss a topic that is near and dear to both of their hearts: weed.

During what he called a "Weed Round," Simmons fired off a bunch of marijuana-related questions to the two weed aficionados and had them talk about everything from whether or not they’ve ever tried synthetic weed to their favorite weed movies. And they had absolutely no problem coming up with a bunch of really interesting answers for Simmons as they spent more than six minutes discussing one of their favorite topics in the world. It ended up being one of the best Any Given Wednesday segments Simmons has produced thus far (even better than that wild one with Ben Affleck). Here’s just a sample of what you can expect from the clip above…

Most surprising celebrity you’ve ever smoked weed with?

SR: I got to say—and he’s in the movie and it’s a shout out to Sausage Party—Edward Norton.

RW: I don’t have a surprising person, but I have a cool person. Like, the most epic time, I think, was I got on Willie Nelson’s bus. It was an interesting time because I was playing in the NFL so I was being drug-tested twice a week, so I had to be careful about how I did this. It was embarrassing. He smoked me under the bus. Bad. I was crawling off the bus.

Former President you would love to smoke weed with if you could?

RW: Teddy Roosevelt. He just seemed like a cool, wild guy.

SR: I agree! Teddy Roosevelt did seem cool. The Rough Riders? As a DMX fan, I’m going to go with Teddy Roosevelt.

BS: I didn’t even think about going that historically. I feel like Bill Clinton would be fantastic. He would break out the sax and start babbling about movies.

SR: That doesn’t sound fun. I’ve never been stoned and thought, 'I hope this guy pulls out a saxophone right now.'

Strangest edible form of weed you’ve ever had?

RW: I used to cook stir fry with it. I used to put it in butter and use the butter to sauté vegetables and do stir fry.

SR: When I was a kid in high school, there was a place run out of someone’s basement that was an all-you-can-eat weed food buffet. You would pay 10 bucks and go into some person’s basement, and there was the weirdest collection of motherfuckers in there. I remember that was the first time I smoked weed with, like, a 65-year-old person. And yeah, you would pay and they would put out nachos with weed in them and salad with, like, weed vinaigrette dressing and, like, pizza with weed baked into the cheese. It was incredible. It was actually really, really amazing.

RW: A guy yesterday gave me a bottle of chicken wing sauce with weed in it. Teriyaki garlic.

Bonus story from Rogen about the time he went to see The Matrix after taking mushrooms:

I freaked out. I took shrooms and saw the first Matrix movie when it came out. It was a horrible idea. I instantly regretted it. I didn’t know what was happening. I got lost. It was in one of these giant, like, 27-theater megaplexes. I wound up in 10 Things I Hate About You. I hallucinated my friend was making out with the girl I liked, and I yelled at them and then walked out of the theater, and it was not happening in any way, shape, or form. It was a really dark day for me.

Check out the entire segment in the video above.