A wrestler who regularly loses, or “jobs,” to other wrestlers. Jobbers are some of the most underrated performers in the business. Their duty is to make the other wrestlers look strong; thus, any successful professional wrestler owes his career to jobbers. There are different levels of jobber. Heath Slater establishes the rock bottom of the roster and loses to everyone, often in comedic fashion. Someone like Kane or Big Show is a “jobber to the stars”—he demolishes everyone below him, and acts as the gatekeeper to the main event—any belt contender must be able to beat the jobber to the stars. The most respected type of jobber is a “carpenter,” a technically skilled wrestler (often more skilled than the wrestlers he is losing to) who stays in the mid or lower tier and functions as a mentor to new talent.

Fan #1: “Do you remember how scary Yokozuna was in the ring?”
Fan #2: “Oh yeah. I loved when he used to defeat two jobbers at once.”