Next Monday night, you can watch Rob Riggle, Ann Coulter, David Spade, Ralph Macchio, and Peyton Manning roast Rob Lowe on Comedy Central. You'll obviously have to wait until that night to see the show in full, but a number of jokes from the Roast of Rob Lowe have already been teased, including one that features Manning busting Rob Lowe's balls about the time he prematurely announced Peyton Manning's retirement while pretending to be Adam Schefter with this tweet:

After the setup for the joke, the future Hall of Famer also segues into busting Tom Brady's balls about the time he got suspended for four games for (allegedly—do we still have to stay allegedly?) deflating footballs during the Deflategate scandal. On the roast, Manning connects the two events by turning to Lowe and saying, "You tried to take the air out of my retirement announcement so fast, you can probably get a job as Tom Brady's ball boy."

Check it out here: