The Oakland Athletics have suspended their strength and conditioning coach Mike Henriques after a camera was found inside their weight room at the Coliseum. On July 24, prior the team's 10-game road trip, Henriques admitted to installing a camera in order to "observe players working out and rehabilitating injuries," according to Yahoo Sports. The following day, a player found the camera in a box, notified pitcher and team union representative Sean Doolittle, who approached the front office with the discovery. 

Athletics' executive vice president of baseball operations Billy Beane was reportedly "furious" after hearing the news, and contacted the league in order to get a swift resolution. 

Per Yahoo Sports

Beane notified MLB that a camera had been discovered, said sources, who described Beane as “furious” at the invasion of privacy. Doolittle immediately contacted the players’ union. Beane suggested to MLB an independent law firm would be hired to determine the source of the camera and how the club would proceed legally. The investigation included numerous interviews of players and team personnel. Henriques, a source said, would be allowed to continue as the team’s strength and condition coach in a probationary capacity, as his actions were not deemed to be malicious.

“This was the misguided action of one employee,” Beane said in a statement. “We hired an independent investigator. While the employee’s intentions were good his judgment was very poor.”

The MLB and the Players Association will monitor the A's investigation with the independent law firm presenting their findings to the team on Monday.  

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