On Sunday afternoon, the U.S. men's basketball team beat Serbia by 30 at the Rio Olympics to take home the gold medal. Thanks to the lopsided victory, Carmelo Anthony won his third Olympic gold medal and became the first male basketball player in Team USA history to do it. He gave an emotional interview after the game that brought a tear to the eye of this old cynic (OK, OK, not really—but it was a nice moment for him), and while a good chunk of fans and writers will still point out that Carmelo is yet to win an NBA title, there's no denying that winning three gold medals is a really special thing. It's something Carmelo clearly treasures.

So where do you think Carmelo keeps all of his gold medals? A heavy-duty safe inside his bedroom? A vault down in his basement? A safety deposit box at the bank? As it turns out, no. Carmelo actually keeps them tucked away in a cloth bag. And on Tuesday night, his wife LaLa pulled all three of the medals out of the bag and let DJ Khaled wear them on Snapchat. Khaled may not have much of a jump shot, but...

If you somehow don't follow Khaled on Snapchat (what are you doing with your life?!) or just plain missed it, you can check out the video above to see all of the snaps featuring Khaled and the gold medals. There's not much that leaves Khaled speechless, but for a few moments, he didn't know what to say when he put the medals on. Behold greatness:

DJ Khaled wears Carmelo Anthony's 3 Olympic gold medals.

Thank you, Carmelo, for making this possible. Your international career is now a complete success.